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Evidently Chickentown

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Slam



the bloody cops are bloody keen
to bloody keep it bloody clean
the bloody chief’s a bloody swine
who bloody draws a bloody line
at bloody fun and bloody games
the bloody kids he bloody blames
are nowehere to be bloody found
anywhere in chicken town

the bloody scene is bloody sad
the bloody news is bloody bad
the bloody weed is bloody turf
the bloody speed is bloody surf
the bloody folks are bloody daft
don’t make me bloody laugh
it bloody hurts to look around
everywhere in chicken town
the bloody train is bloody late
you bloody wait you bloody wait
you’re bloody lost and bloody found
stuck in fucking chicken town

the bloody view is bloody vile
for bloody miles and bloody miles
the bloody babies bloody cry
the bloody flowers bloody die
the bloody food is bloody muck
the bloody drains are bloody fucked
the colour scheme is bloody brown
evidently chicken town

the bloody pubs are bloody dull
the bloody clubs are bloody full
of bloody girls and bloody guys
with bloody murder in their eyes
a bloody bloke got bloody stabbed
waiting for a bloody cab
you bloody stay at bloody home
the bloody neighbor bloody moans
keep the bloody racket down
this is bloody chicken town

the bloody pies are bloody old
the bloody chips are bloody cold
the bloody beer is bloody flat
the bloody flats have bloody rats
the bloody clocks are bloody wrong
the bloody days are bloody long
it bloody gets you bloody down
evidently chicken town
the bloody train is bloody late
you bloody wait you bloody wait
you’re bloody lost and bloody found
stuck in fucking chicken town


// John Cooper Clark


Slam #7 & #8

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Slam



Passion take the wind
Passion pushed right through
I will not be alone
I will not though
Wait for you
I will push right on through
I will not wait
But stay
I will not wait today
A cry awaiting change

I will push out these blast-burned pushers through every single line and edge and box and rule and law and cannot be the only one who saw, who’s watching raw and cheering on, and on anon, we walk alone, unto the bone, unto the stone, the stone unturned no throne, no face not carved nor starved allowed not half, just leave, the stone the stone be cool alone.

Be cool alone
Write down the bone
This white gleaned bone
This life unthroned
This skin untoned
Ascraped from stone
What’s new what’s old
All cold all dead
All grinned out stone
We drink from bone
And sink from stone
And kill the life within this life
This stone bescraped
Not left alone
A careworn throne
This weathered roam

Away from house away from home, out of design out of this clone out of a mind by stone alone, we cut ourselves away from carve, no mold no wealth no heat no starve no light no lie no care no dark no clone of stone no green grassed park. No rain, no reign, no designed brain, no chain of lame a run down frame, but just an edge out out just out broke box without just out and out and into what the box unfurled this tiny tiny fucking world. All caught again again again, a gaze of naught, a reign of plain.

The only plan the only way the only path I see today, break out then stop then look around then let your break fall to the ground then let your heart cry silent sound then let the box be turned around and let the out be in again and let the reign just reign just reign the ground around is just the ground is all around it is the round it is the game it is the same we are ok we hold no blame we take no fame we act the same we play the same we play the game we break the box we break the game we make a box and breath again

Slam #6

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Slam

Will Navidson

no breath no rest no space to chase the breath the place that’s been the best we’ve seen no space to see the rest the way its clean its lean machine its works its way away this space this place a race a chase for grace a demand for face to face this change this range of strange explain the rage this stage of fate await the change a space exchanged no way to frame this range of ways deranged and saved within this cave this slammed hand wave this rave of slave a cry for brave a space to save escape this cave close down this stage erupts the same and blames the change it happens away within this space this rave misplaced this self dug grave lets blow this cave escape this rave and stand away from us today and let this change just rave away and blast today and stand today in awe in praise in grace of change in life in light in cave in grave in wine in wood in ground engraved we fly away and turn to stay and wait and pray and love today in joy in light in endless flight above the ground the black the white around the sound the noise the drowned we play the game and on the same and see the chains within the cave and thank the grave this sane explained and lying down we rise again


Posted: January 8, 2014 in Slam


we say write first then end then fill in the gaps

– we say

just blast away at the keyboard until the bleeding of your bleeding has stemmed has cupped and filled the space within.

just blast away whatever is carelessly hidden within this cave of habitual shoulder holding boldly holding tightly to a given a plan from someone else’s god … just blast away to blast away we need a primer some scream some changing mechanism an agent that involves itself somehow this mythic this shunt this attempt to cry this roll into a full hill of caveless biting grass. We do not know if we are dead or dying or lying this way. We do not know. We blast away – I would!

– bleeding out beautifully swapping duty for duty for duty just to see if if if we … can …. avoid …
this trap, this dereliction of adventure this minor bump of pretty life to ascend descend end yes end – pretend!

s’neat pulled off yet sticky also off being circlier, press start reboot scoot the spiral is but mute.

Let’s loot let’s loot what finger what moving what history what sun that we see nothing new under what fun.
The lowest form of hurt fun – a way to force to make to take undone come and without taking a fucking step run.

– probably gotta look a little closer –