In Lieu Of A Bio.

‘There are warriors enough in the world, my son.

Yours is the task to see farther than any, and perhaps to bid the warriors come and go.’

~ The Lady of Avalon speaking with Galahad.

‘I never truckled;

I never took off my hat to Fashion and held it out for pennies.

By God, I told them the truth.’

~ Frank Norriss, naturalist writer

‘In an absurd world the only response is to live an absurd life.’

‘Transparent man, who is seen and seen through,

foolish, who has nothing left to hide,

who has become transparent through self-acceptance;

his soul is loved, wholly revealed, wholly existential;

he is what he is, freed from paranoid concealment,

from the knowledge of his secrets, and his secret knowledge;

his transparency serves as a prism for the world and the not-world.

For it is impossibly reflective to know thyself;

only the last reflection of an obituary may tell the truth,

and only god knows our real names’

James Hillman

  1. His Illustrious Majesty of the Illustrated Madness says:

    You are the Man, Tony. So glad to see such insanity melded with sanity. We might be brothers

  2. I miss seeing you on facebook, Tony (even though I realise that is the internet equivalent of saying I don’t see you in the crack house anymore). I hope you are well. I am kimberella69 on Skype and kimberellaoz on googlemail. Are you in Russia or Bungwahl/Smith’s Lake? Enquiring minds….

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