Frank Sobotka

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Emerson Challenge


(for anyone playing at home feeling old feeling so cold)

That escalated quickly – a kookaburra spotting me mid bacon and egg roll considerant in this lakeside cafe saw opportunity to express its new nature and flew directly at me spilling coffee but aiming perfectly for what it now sees as easier prey – this roll unavoidably siren calling itself as easy easy – knowing from this raptor’s view that I my manself based on previous successful bacon raids would be such a pushover – cannot fight back against something half the size of a bag of sugar with a beak WITH A SHARP KNIFEBEAK and just lollingly swooped in spilling coffee taking the whole roll in its jaw and lighting on the adjacent chair while it adjusted its carry at which point in my story I took my food back and in avian lore it was unbalanced and dropped and I put my breakfast back upon the fired plate from which it was meant (MEANT / BIRD) to be consumed.

Fuckin’ dinosaur rocked on its heels on the chair back and watched me waiting challenging and knowing as I now know that I would not swat it away IT WAITED.

Then flew cockily eaves upwards to reassess and (hindsight is good here) reswoop!

And came again.

THIS: flew even slower this time tempting to see this now as a direct assault upon my reason this BEAK challenged me and look directly at me this now being smarter as it brazenly took one piece of bacon from the middle of MY roll and flew over MY head rising slowly tauntingly what can I even do even then headed East over the lake into its own treed cafe for its own deserved synergistic breakfast. Burnt pig render.

Today I shall be mostly except for the above on track.


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