– an old man shouting at fast trains –

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Emerson Challenge


– your brain may go, some parts naturally

– your knees may go, or some part ambulatory

– your eyes may go, may go more readily

– your nerves may go, shattering steadily

– your focus may go, it may go atrophy

– your hands may go, you pick up happily

– your joints may go, you click up dandily

– your prost may go, you mop up nappily

– your faith may go, you anger rapidly

– your heart may go, you snap back scarily

– your hold may go, you dance some other way

– your life may go, may will must any day

– your things will die, we dust them anyway

– your world will cry, we dry those eyes away

– your end will come, we fly those lies away..


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