– at fifty, virgo –

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Emerson Challenge


– by virtue of a monstrous bewitchment, people believe that time slips away, and this belief is the basis of time actually slipping away.

– time is the work of attrition of that adaptation to which human beings must resign themselves so long as they fail to change the world.

– age is a role, an acceleration of ‘lived’ time on the plane of appearances, an attachment to things.


– we must handle survival cautiously, for it wears us down; live as little as possible, for it belongs to death.

– in former times one died a death quickened by the presence of God.

– today our respect for life prohibits us from touching it, reviving it, or snapping it out of its lethargy.

– we die of inertia, whenever the quota of death that we carry within us reaches saturation point.


R.V. 1968


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