Happy Now w/ Books and Coffee

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Emerson Challenge


– Not sure what it is that causes this little funk and drown in life these last now 12 month
maybe see the ageing process a little more clear maybe see the hard hard work
required in changing some drastic habits drastically – maybe even seeing the rest and trapped
inescapable relaxation that can come at the letting go time end of this run around here now.

– Am sure that I can continue like this until some passion some deeper more interesting
part of life appears before me like a star in that other universe that first dark black hole
that ur parole where no star not has been before and has not been seen before
so yeah that star we know you are we spin so faster and shine your light or black if you like
this way I will spin-shine right back with you say hi say light meet light say we can spin
together alright in sight of each other out of sight of all the others this dark exquisite dance
of night this long long night a 12 month light with little fight but yeah alright

– Maybe sure meaning couldn’t care less about the way this does unfold I can live this way until
let’s say the three fs arrive and surviving that dive will keep the interest in this disinterest in this
poetry alive alive and watching closely my part in this this lack of bliss this total maybe though
small amount of this a chaos missed I will not resist and I will as they say kiss the day the sky
away and fly that star and guide that star in to this new awakened light this universe that spins
aright each time I catch its smile alight and settle back each and every night into this deep
resistant blight and catch myself alright each time alright alright a smile or not this star’s alight
alive within this dark dark night.

– Unmoored
– Unbroken
– Unwoven.


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