Dreaming of an Island and Dying in Poverty and Drunk on Angelspeech

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Muse


– and drunk on Angelspeech vitamins B sometimes C  mostly spectacle-moderated absorbed tension within this body / world

– and stupefied by the same the movement and lack of purposeful movement melancholic phlegm and sawdust saturated what crap
limited by same supposed yet small a angelspeech love free well free of depth depth being defined by what needs blindfold guerilla theatre to see these days yes a waste a passive bludgeoning self-bludgeoning self absorbent unwillingness to both crap in and crap out – someone once spoke of freedom being yes the ability to shit rainbows – I agree.

– until then we either building an island or same phlegm drown in this one.


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