Always Always

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Emerson Challenge


– If
– I always always
– If my body always always
– If my world always always
– If my world requires

If the world requires my always always then my world as the world is always always as it is as it is requiring expecting loving unchanging this always always.

If it is so then always always it is then so.

– In other words:
– Beautifully
– Kodachromically
– Fucked

– Always always.

(..acquiescing accepting awaiting the door no door no door no door..)

And always accessing a door from a door is a door.
A door from the door through, not through a door
Just stay, remembered stay
(repeat reseen remembered stay)
A triptich way
Within the door this is the access no way through no way through this is the door no way through is the access is the door.

– In other words: always always always door.


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