Slam #7 & #8

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Slam



Passion take the wind
Passion pushed right through
I will not be alone
I will not though
Wait for you
I will push right on through
I will not wait
But stay
I will not wait today
A cry awaiting change

I will push out these blast-burned pushers through every single line and edge and box and rule and law and cannot be the only one who saw, who’s watching raw and cheering on, and on anon, we walk alone, unto the bone, unto the stone, the stone unturned no throne, no face not carved nor starved allowed not half, just leave, the stone the stone be cool alone.

Be cool alone
Write down the bone
This white gleaned bone
This life unthroned
This skin untoned
Ascraped from stone
What’s new what’s old
All cold all dead
All grinned out stone
We drink from bone
And sink from stone
And kill the life within this life
This stone bescraped
Not left alone
A careworn throne
This weathered roam

Away from house away from home, out of design out of this clone out of a mind by stone alone, we cut ourselves away from carve, no mold no wealth no heat no starve no light no lie no care no dark no clone of stone no green grassed park. No rain, no reign, no designed brain, no chain of lame a run down frame, but just an edge out out just out broke box without just out and out and into what the box unfurled this tiny tiny fucking world. All caught again again again, a gaze of naught, a reign of plain.

The only plan the only way the only path I see today, break out then stop then look around then let your break fall to the ground then let your heart cry silent sound then let the box be turned around and let the out be in again and let the reign just reign just reign the ground around is just the ground is all around it is the round it is the game it is the same we are ok we hold no blame we take no fame we act the same we play the same we play the game we break the box we break the game we make a box and breath again


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