Slam #6

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Slam

Will Navidson

no breath no rest no space to chase the breath the place that’s been the best we’ve seen no space to see the rest the way its clean its lean machine its works its way away this space this place a race a chase for grace a demand for face to face this change this range of strange explain the rage this stage of fate await the change a space exchanged no way to frame this range of ways deranged and saved within this cave this slammed hand wave this rave of slave a cry for brave a space to save escape this cave close down this stage erupts the same and blames the change it happens away within this space this rave misplaced this self dug grave lets blow this cave escape this rave and stand away from us today and let this change just rave away and blast today and stand today in awe in praise in grace of change in life in light in cave in grave in wine in wood in ground engraved we fly away and turn to stay and wait and pray and love today in joy in light in endless flight above the ground the black the white around the sound the noise the drowned we play the game and on the same and see the chains within the cave and thank the grave this sane explained and lying down we rise again


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