On The Half Life Of Turning Fifty

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Sliding For New Air


– We are seeking something, a prompt that will allow us to turn around this past small funk into middle-aged
boredom stroke superstardom, we are seeking something that will emerge colors blasting unmistakeably
all around that will indicate, WILL indicate that there is a movement deflowered here, those colors showing the
last small to be but but a staging post, this mythical transition point for this sought for elixir of a beautifully preserved,
aesthetically pleasing next half-life of this full adult life.

– We are seeking impetus in order to push through the seeing of these same colors from its backdrop, its previous
generative emergence now turned not cold or dark but dessicated, crumpled – a slightly tramp-lite life, when the
gypsy, the flaneur, the idea of bohemia instead would like to impress itself instead within this dread-lite weary head.

– We are seeking to defeat, to deflower this, this present slumber through centuries of stoic suffering, of the idea of
noble stoic suffering and conversely to also defeat, to also deflower this present barren monoculture of new as created
by you by do by a fool’s gold mix of heal and fix.

– We are seeking to improve upon an epoch proven entropic evolution that can, miraculously even, witness its
own minor fall, its own attempt at attaining enough velocity to escape this gravitational pull, enough pleading, enough
hey new colors where are you. What happened to the old colors. Where did my eyes go, I have not seen anything yet,
both old and new colors still need tagging and bagging. And tagging.

– Amidst sometimes all this pleading we forget to allow just allow our eyes to celebrate the failing of the old colors
the transitioning that is occuring as our pallettes absorb and swirl, we fail to allow this swirl to attain its own
color trajectory, a clay of green, a clay that may redefine green within our eyes, our new eyes, which may not need,
we will not yet know for sure, but may not need yeserday’s green to bring new root, new seed, new color schemes.

– We are seeking.

– The rain says welcome to Autumn.


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