And Leave Gold Light

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Muse


God Damn again
All’s a-changed.

Watching leaves tumble-fall and turn
Burnt color, and birds
Twitter-whistle in and out of, and around
The wind, still felt yet heard

Clouds, a-moving moves the sun
And in and out and all around
And body-skin feels lite feels like
A slight cool push, this new, this
Found, these drops, these drops-of-rain.

Head on, feet off, shades on, shade off
Too cold, and old, see this and rain,
See this and only, few drops this rain.

Where am I supposed to be I see the same
A-plateaued here within this all
This burnt green change.

I feel my skin again complain.

I see that lying sense a sky
And threatens rain I see again the wind the wind
Explain the change.
Can I remain
I wonder if I will contain
This reign insane
This world so plain
This magic wane of life’s majestic
Dumb high way.

Leaves again
Supposed golden
A life all lost, an Autumn slain
And everyday we cycle through
This season’s mulch this burnt bronze hue
This Autumn’s turn
This fear of winter’s burn.

A hill of twigs, of branches done
Of hills unclimbed, a weakened sun
A-top a summit, behind the sun
A-drop away, fierce fire, be kind
And turn away, and blend and blind
The valley’s shade will seek their kind
An endless spring reversed in mind
With this behind be kind be kind.

We leave this fierce sun behind
Its passions its emotive bind
Its way of bleeding breath from life
And leave the same reductive knife
That flat and dead that white bread life
That thank you thank you life lived twice.

This golden valley’s downhill breeze
We see, still lies, but more at ease
We see the leaves turn from the trees
Its blend of life, death, change and cede
We can look back around these trees
And see ourselves young passioned breeze
Turn green and grown anew in fields
It is but us renewed released
And leave gold light to feed the past
We must grow old grow free at last
That flight we take that care we cast
Upon the world where seeds arrive
Where green and gold it does survive
Where moving on is giving life
To life, as life


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