Gliding All Over

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Muse


– Re: lax

– There is this   /   tendency   //   to attempt to   ///   point out point to point at at
the Hero, The End Of The Hero’s Journey the want to be the hero a hero seen for
what for what is essentially gossamer, that signifying nothing signifier.

– And conversation, old friends bookends.

– This conversation is what is heroically kinda missing, this inability to be say not-central,
not involved, indulged, in well flattered and validated to be in.

– And just like that the wall, the boundaries not so much come down as disappear from view recede I
mean as we attempt to capture catch this butterfly gossamer and squeeze release some concrete
proof of as someone else first chapter posted I am in here..

A legion of one, fucked, clawed, alive, broken beautifully raw fatted roasted alone at home yet and alone.

Stoned: now there is an idea of an indulgent saw of justice.


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