Posted: January 8, 2014 in Slam


we say write first then end then fill in the gaps

– we say

just blast away at the keyboard until the bleeding of your bleeding has stemmed has cupped and filled the space within.

just blast away whatever is carelessly hidden within this cave of habitual shoulder holding boldly holding tightly to a given a plan from someone else’s god … just blast away to blast away we need a primer some scream some changing mechanism an agent that involves itself somehow this mythic this shunt this attempt to cry this roll into a full hill of caveless biting grass. We do not know if we are dead or dying or lying this way. We do not know. We blast away – I would!

– bleeding out beautifully swapping duty for duty for duty just to see if if if we … can …. avoid …
this trap, this dereliction of adventure this minor bump of pretty life to ascend descend end yes end – pretend!

s’neat pulled off yet sticky also off being circlier, press start reboot scoot the spiral is but mute.

Let’s loot let’s loot what finger what moving what history what sun that we see nothing new under what fun.
The lowest form of hurt fun – a way to force to make to take undone come and without taking a fucking step run.

– probably gotta look a little closer –


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