You Have No Chance

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Sliding For New Air


– Of

– Of working this out this life this what is happening this rhythm this run into what loves
loves loves to be born crying beautifully pre-slapped pre-joyed pre-ready ready ready let’s go
let’s play. Feels different this way.This way this way. Yes. feels different this way.

– I sort of think that it is speed that we are addicted to this rise this fall this all this nervous action
that loves itself loves its addictive reason for being. awaits anticipates and yes so-hates that
light shade of bliss that cannot contain its life its drama, this toothache of a meaning! This play by play
fear of missing itself centrally attentively look-at-me, and seen, large screened, pixelled screamed,
technicolor vomit scene, clean, dying, dy-een.

– Today I love myself.  


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