Myself, Under Pressure

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Sliding For New Air


– Under.

– A feeling like, an inability to move, muscle memory slight failure, the memory previously
of muscle memory slight failure. An inability to indent, to make that mark, any mark.

– Footprints, fading before even before a step is taken, misgivings raw within raw context a sense
of slight only slight doom light doom just cloudy tinted gray yet there, anyway. not skipping,
not remembering cool clear not blue not sun not quite sun, right sun, cool night not even clear
night a near night still not right, prosaic, tight, lite, a shallow scream of white, a fade, a blight.

– Rumors of skin, tight, nerves raw, not quite, gentle gentle fight, lack of flight..

Birthing, right! 

– Lost amidst all of this, this beauty lost of its shine this beauty its time moved on
moving on ahead, behind? mine? sublime, alas a no we find. The sun still does shine.
Upon. This rhyme, this time, a mine I cannot quite reclaim, an aim, restrained, felt maimed,
light blame, the same the same the same.

– Unchain.

– An edge, restrained, retrained, reclaimed.


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