Walked Off To Look For America

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Sliding For New Air

– Titles themes come easier than living consistant within this push this muse. A loss of something feels
default-ish these days. When did this start to come into play! Re-Anchored deeper and deeper than ever before
this this feels like a mask of depression a false masque but one that must be worn until we are given the Houston All Clear.

– Hunched, a hunch, a watching, a plaything, one of these low things, a waiting, a scaping, an un-escaping,
what’s that a capturing within – this frame gently lightly amusing its nervous boundaries trying tring to peep out
from behind what – shall we play with that first day. Shall we visit, revisit, in sit nineteen seventy six.
Once upon a time there was a tavern.

– Run

– More than that, paragraph break, take the fake and make it make just make it climb through that broken self-broken window those jagged ragged rage-edged edges.. Climb through in out to from to to we read womb, beauty tomb. Soothe. Cool. light breeze and pleasingly just a little less aware, less painful, less of a burning, yearning unaware, a leaning, a liking a drip feeding, ambrosiac.

– Fun. Open up the shoulders, lungs, Done. Mum! Run yes God a faster way to run and here we are a low burning sun.

– And colors. A straight back. A moonlit black. And a crack of light, just a crack.


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