Today’s Game Of Eschatonic Hide And Seek

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Sliding For New Air

– Noting –

An interest in  setting up a process in order to set up another one in order to
ostensibly hide dissolve give up further – the pain experienced mildly here being
what such a low level that its
very low-levellness and lack of understandability cause it to elevate
beyond normal rational fucking day to day highs and waves and lows

– Noting –

That ‘Nothing’ maybe a better header – that the  tap tap tap of a battery dying is all that is
occuring here – and dying according only to an idea a whisp of an idea of a lack of vision
of a passion for – Anything – that does not aut-o-matica-lly fall fall fall away into this little trough
of cut and paste dust.

– Nothing –

A caffiene driven five day-from-seven nothing with those brief volume-down low meaning of
hideously ordinary meetings with hideously ordinary day to day to day to … A spectre channeling
explaining what exactly, what..

– And then, Noting –

There is a favor for these doing words – a wondering, a wandering, a lack of even, a lack of balance somewhere
deep within even THIS balance where we find ourselves the correct bake and shake temperature of a balanced
– what, ALIVENESS?

– Noting, If I could give up, would would I? –

At the moment there is – here –  just – an – endless series of low caste indulgence and palsied curiousity.


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