This Is Not For You

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Sliding For New Air

(an unfinished published draft)


I promised myself that I would start with that phrase.

Finding though the 1st person personal pronoun is not working either in fiction – a way to filter out the continuation of a story – or in my own style of learning to write.

Must (we must) look up the Integral understanding of what is 4th, 5th person perspective etc.. and what is this new linguistic style, that I can adopt in order to proceed here.

I need a desk, clear, and the right height and postured chair. I need larger notepads, no bent over Steven style.

I love the design on this cafe logo, on this perfectly designed mug.


The placid ripples on the lake –

(which leads to)


When do we think that this began – this grasp for – its probably oral, but it may be visual, Latinate, – this grasp for this unquenchable, this dry.

There was powdered snow in my dream last night.
Silent, normal streets.
Deep footfalls. Cushioned. Dampened.

The pronoun is subject / object collapsed.

How difficult would it be to write not from or of but in,
is that the right word, maybe engaged sleep.

Shall we exhaust this ink until, we exhaust and, why not, transcend the buzzwords – this again dry way of engaging.

‘S’like every song but with only


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