Scrambling Upstream

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Sliding For New Air


And it occurs that of course what I have been looking for has already been being  lived and for a while now. Nice to see notice that what is ingrained this bodydance allowed is inline with what is needed theoretically like that rain that always always ends up falling on the tin roof we are inline!

we miss the obvious hiding away alivened and repressed within not our safety zone but the habit of a nervous system gross and subtle making its easier natural way downstream into the ocean – it gets lost there. land would not have formed elevation-wise if we were not meant to do this scrambling upstream I mean. We must try try try to always spawn anew – it happens anyways yet variety begets creates variety and from this color colors are formed seen lived.

New new always new one step new that second step sets in motion a dance that is wherever it again wants to go so set anew and dance new color new dance that third step that call away from the line that tangent from the tangent heed that …

(conversation head interupted by lakeside coffee breakfast hello with real – hello should always be real)

… call not follow nor lead but a heeding in process a dancing along with the flute-call of whatever opens. This can become tiresome this open – we must also be aware of our third step habits here as we on a closed lookout lookout for new dance up new dust in the sunlight and get waylaid by its shine WOW dust. Its fucking dust people.

The road that is not dusty not formed is where this third step is needed!

We may need a month of storms in order to overcome the obvious and then instead of uncovering what we believe we can see because we can no longer see it must become new. This road can we have a new word here – this way – our way – this way on a seeded barren land becomes our saviour our eyes opened against the old dust the old gold the old road.

And alone – if they come cover the way they will find their own and if they don’t their eyes still silted with ordinary new yesterday’s gold will not come let go let go and go unsilt your own further just for just because because we must.

Life unsilting itself scrambling third step-wise upstream.


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