Learning To Fly Atrophied

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Sliding For New Air

scrambling it always starts with a-scrambling somethng out of reach a breach of relax relapse into away from this whatever this is – I can feel the box the bent nature the atrophying of boundaries … the sadness of new pain at these new boundaries // birthing

– but –

all being same we drink in what we can and there will be an appropriate reaction within our own system and somewhere amongst this scrambling this unwinged willingness to engage in taking a run up and just hoping that our velocity plus plus some new version of this atrophied appropriation can engage with the always present wind that is gliding upliftingly beneath and through our crude oric bodies. We yearn, even as taking this run up, we yearn for, even as lifting off and actually flying for more lift, faster – neater – run and a smoother, even IF rougher, ascent into this new sky

– push –

only push, this is all we are asked to do push for push against push through push while backsliding and get cut and a willingness to get cut must arise otherwise how how will our atrophies see the sun and mature into parents of their own fledglinged. This backsliding and unfurling of broken wings being strength necessary being the ‘touch’ of life with life in life. This painful smile of the aged newborn reaching out towards a sun somewhere we can see maybe and feel only, only AFTER take-off!

– look down –

while still still on the ground and see clearly for the first, for a solid time, this ground that we must leave as it cannot hold itself, we are held though we do not yet know sun being less than vaccuum cold at this point and ground not not willing anymore to comfort itself in order to sleepwalk with us, a sooty knowledge – the ground itself yearning to release its own weight with us released of it AS it to yearns for sun, and learning, and new

– no contact –

its wish for all. No contact with this receding acceptance of no contact painless pain stillborn painful silence the tense skin of a heavy drum, this dumb burn which beats out a single rhyth.. thm!

– rhyth – thm – lea-arn – to – yearn – to – burn –


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