A Holding Pattern

Posted: December 29, 2011 in A Dance Through

lol …

(the out of date already post modern 21st C. placeholder as a welcome!)

Being greeted at the Settler’s Arms with an Irish coffee, loaded with Jamieson’s instead of the eloquently accented order of an ICED coffee, eighteen months along this Endless Road Trip, this Spin Of Grace, we find ourselves in an holding pattern awaiting the meme of ‘2012’ and whatever this present day experience of a kinda solitude at Touch The Earth brings.

A Holding Pattern – it feels like there is a series of touchstone events in my life, spiraling, circling around and enveloping me in the major themes and habits, the events, concurrences and Cosmic jokes of THIS, My Life So Far.

(Here we offer the disclaimer that Truth, that last bastion of enlightened scoundrels, is not necessarily true!)

My car alarm, unfixed, unbroken even, if florid function is required, harmonizes both the distance of awareness and the reality of the village.  I have a story, one that may require a suspension of belief. For one year only. I beg your pardon and your indulgence as we Dance together during this next year … the Rhythms to be determined, created even! Together, as separate witnesses to this Last Act of separation.

Yes, I have a story … it is yours, my world, your story. Not of a past. a fictional history written to suit the trends of the day but of the present, a fictional moment written to suit the whims of the author; a vacuous person, yet one with needs, a need still to be heard!

It is darkening now, a twilight ringed by cricket, frog and the last hurrah of the Old Man, Kookaburra. The shadow treetops have ceased their sway and bats, swallows laze across their cloud tainted depths. And I … I have nothing to say. It is all perfect, imperfectly serene, lush, and it needs no further, no further …

We Dance On …


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