A Simple Radiation Protocol

Posted: August 1, 2011 in The Fall

The reason for posting this protocol is because of the continuing radiation leakage coming from Japan and of the concern with other nuclear radiation leakages across the US.

The mainstream media has been understandably reticent in the reporting of these events with the probability of an enforced blackout being asked for by the governments in charge who, again understandably, do not want to cause panic amongst people. …My advice was that the whole of Japan, Hawaii and the West Coast of the USA should have been immediately evacuated – now imagine how to do this and what chaos this would create around the world if it was necessary! You can see now why any government would NEVER attempt to convey this kind of message to its people, irrespective of damage to the long term health of its own people….

( As an aside a government is empowered to govern and this means to protect ITS OWN INTERESTS firstly and THEN to look after its people. This may not be what we would like to hear, and it may not be constitutional, but it is how LIFE ITSELF operates and the government is a form of life, just like any organisation, or business! )


This is a very simple radiation protocol which I have been following myself and will keep on using for the immediate future … there are of course several variations to this and I take no responsibility on getting this information correct, apart from advocating its use for myself!

# 1 … a Spirulina / Chlorella shake daily*


# 2 … Transdermal Magnesium Oil frequently either as a spray, gel or an addition to a bath


# 3 … Edible Earth daily … my recommendation is Bentonitehttp://www.rejuvehealth.com/All-Products/Edible-Earth.html


* Ashwaghanda and Kelp can also be used and Zeolite is another product worth investigating.


I am recommending the website of Dr. Mark Sircus for further investigation into radiation treatments and for updates on this incident. Although I would also like to offer the rejoinder of caveat emptor for the rest of his site, that is ‘use your discretion!’ http://blog.imva.info/


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