The Light

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Emerson Challenge

Do your work, and I shall know you.

Who is gonna keep account for the low things, the ones whose light we fear.
Who is gonna keep company with these frightful things, these lives that are blazing, as we wish them dead …

Everything is alive, every thought,  meaning, composition. Every group, imagined, every fear alive, a life, a deserved part, equally deserved part, of us, deserted as we gain weakness and refuse its blessings. The undertow, the not-me, the not-I part of ourselves, the always present shade that gives definition to our preferences. The lines containing our selves. These are the stain, the ones we refuse when we seek ourselves. And deeper, the closer we get, the closer we become, these definitions darken in order that we SEE the light, see ourselves reflected in the edges of the light. An impossibility of seeing without outline, though denied. Denied, alive at the boundaries these frightful things still blaze darker, peripherally waving, hello, I can see here, from here, from the edge.

Who will wave back, allow the life, allow the validity, dark definitions of our warm space, our narrow focus of life. Without this, it all dissolves. without this wave back, the wave forward retreats and the light fades as its definition fades. Can you see this? This darkness at the edge is the light. This shade, this definition of light is the light. Our warm space has to cool, has to die if we refuse to wave, refuse to say hello, refuse its shade, its form, its edge. And who can stand at this edge, a sharp addition to this fading cry of hello, in order to extend the light, to transform the acceptance of the light and to allow the shade and the light to cry hello together, amplified, accepted.

Plaintively; hello, from the edges, from our edges, our love, biased and uncaring, neglecting ourselves, our definition.
This neglect leading rationally, so normally, to a deeper shading, a more alive, a deeper cry. One of, again hello,
I am you. And again, no! from our love, from our centre, the light refusing its own light. Denying its own form.

Hands, together separately in prayer, hello, no! Together, just us, you and I this light. Love’s blindness giving life, giving light to this shade. No!. This shade that gives life. No! Can we see. Can we say.

Can we utter, from the shade:
‘It is I the light, hello.’

We go. We say no!

We say no.

Emerson Challenge Day # 15

  1. magdis says:

    …..reminds me of navigating using sonar abilities…. claiming the freedom to interpret wildly.

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