Posted: June 13, 2011 in Emerson Challenge

If you can see you can see.
If you cannot you cannot.


The weight of an absence. The sense of a missing. The meaning of one comma in a sentence, though not two. Not there. Something not there, not here, for that is where there is. Unfocused. Clear. Unclean, somehow. In the respect of clean being preferable to another state, then neither. The hidden witnessing of the dance of two falling butterflies. The cry of a bud, untempered, pre-Spring.

The sound of no police knocking at your door.

The weight  of no police knocking at your door.

That moment, extending, when disconcertingly a scar, a void, arrives, unformed, maybe never-to-be-formed. The least atom of worrying spinning around itself, slowing down. Interrupted, yes; yet not -ed, -ing, interrupting. The fade of a scrap of a scratch, it’s the absence of the void that is most disconcerting. Emptiness itself can be daydreamed away, back to meaning. Absence has to be acknowledge, but how. How? We cannot grasp what we cannot see, we cannot even load the senses awaiting.

Inertia; past tensed. Impending; a cryptographer would wrongly add ‘doom.’ Meaning itself suppressed by this grey knight, backlit by non-transmission. What to do … not even a question arises as ‘to’ and ‘do’ reveal. Waiting. Holding, a pattern of holding, revealing even less as the butterflies fall further away from.  Complicated in the simplest respect, the one of knowing one syllable … cat, sun, mom. Sleep gently waving as it passes, untouching, barely recognising. Thought also.

The absence of a wall around a window.

The lies that we are never told, the ones that we need to hear. Meaning itself suppressed still …

Infinitely bearable; just rise, float … the horizon is just over the horizon. The police still do not knock. They cannot. They live not here, as most things live not here.

If this does not end, it does not end.



Emerson Challenge Day #14


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