One more cup of coffee before I go

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Emerson Challenge

This is today’s prompt:

What would you say to the person you were five years ago?

What will you say to the person you’ll be in five years?

Business first… there seems to be something that is inbuilt in all of us, a natural empathy towards another person, and a willingness to help when there is a need and if we are capable of doing so at that moment. And I am including every person alive in this generalisation. Even very young children, as soon as they realise that there is another in the world, have this tendency to help, to show, and in the midst of the terror that is the forming of an individual ego, a child is capable of the most altruistic acts in sharing and caring.

And the worst of us, who are of course just these three year old children in adult form, have this shine to care. A terrorist, crashing planes to destroy, to create chaos, has in his heart , love for what he believes in, worships, respects, cares for. There is no other valid reason. There is even an hierarchy here in which these terrorists are actually capable of more love, more care in the world than the lethargic, or the habitually drugged – who as well must love the state that they are trying to disappear into. A preference of I hate the world is still love for that something different, some world that we are shaping more into our own image.

All of our spiritual texts, and the laws that govern our own countries have at their heart as well the rejoinder of love thy neighbor, and while not mandating that you must absolutely do so, there is a presumption that if you belong to a society, and who doesn’t, then this society has the god-given (?) right to extract a payment, a forfeit, if you choose actively not to assist another, while partaking in your rights of being assisted.

Which begs the question: can we refuse to help? Can we refuse to share? Can we break the habits of our own cells, and our own internal, subtle worlds and just quit this merry-go-round of pain of work for recognition or reward … and I do purposely use the phrase pain of work in this case as helping someone.

I will attempt to provide the answer by using an opposite conjecture, that seems as well to be widely accepted … can we harm someone by our own deeds.

This unfinished piece was written for myself as I underwent a specific process today regarding this subject and is concluded right now, and published as is, because the solutions came. I will not share them here as I have neither the language nor the impulse except to say this … there is no possibility, no matter, what you do or say, of not helping another … It is embedded in your DNA and has nothing whatsoever to do with your preferences!

And my answer to both questions:

relax, just relax

the coda to all.


Emerson Challenge Day # 8


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