No Limits

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Emerson Challenge

One week to live, no limit to what you can do, what would you do?

The first thing that comes to mind is that I need to address this subject briefly, then veer off into some abstruse direction while not attempting to compile or comment on or to do a to do list. Because. If I do make this list then, maybe only from myself, but maybe still, there is a pressure to attempt at least some of the things here. And if I am not attempting this at least some, then why am I waiting, what is holding me back, where is this inaction springing from, and, ready for the deflection, does talking, writing about what we want, what we want to do, assist or harm in the doing of these self same at least some.

The seems to be a theme around the world at the moment, at least my world, and it runs a little like this. We are all capable of being greater than we are, we all have this untapped, yet pregnant air of greatness about us. We are capable of anything that we can put our minds to. If you can think it you can be it. Be the change you want to see. Just do it. There is a litany of media pumped and self enamored people out there who are all falling into line worshiping at this gilded alter of yes, we can.

And sure, there are certain times in our lives when, yes we could, and you know what, amazingly, we did. We thought through something, we made sure it was what we wanted and we focused to various degrees and practiced at depth our many practices. And yes, what we wanted, what we set out to achieve, we achieved. Brilliant! Cool! Empowering yes! True … I think not.

We have a tendency, our guys, the humans, to overlook what doesn’t suit us as we try to grasp what is happening in our lives. We tend to remember the wins, learn from the big, comfortable losses and the fireside rug provides plenty of cover for the small ones. It could be said that we have a bias towards building ourselves up into more than we are, more than we are capable of. A genetic, survival antic that creates thrones of significance for everyone of us who is above average ie: all of us! And we forget, habitually now in most cases as these skeins have been weaving for a long time, we forget those instances of no we can’t. We forget the almost perfect record of not being able to create what we wanted to. Of seamlessly inhabiting a new world of almost, of not less as such, but of I was sure there was more here .. somehow. I will prove this to you in one short sentence. Stop. Think. For one minute … and let the minute play, stay the glib response.

*** If you truly could create your world, why do you choose to create so little of it? ***

We remember the wins, we select our own stories and we collect around us those who are of a similar vein. Then we exult this new god, this be the change, this just do it, and we challenge others to change their worlds also. Without any concern with the obvious; If I can change my world, on whim,  why don’t I just change yours. Bam! Done! Easy. I did it for you.
Of course … it doesn’t work like that.

So, one week to live, no limits, what am I gonna do.

A good night’s sleep would suffice, thank you.


Emerson Challenge Day # 6



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