The Raven ( draft version )

Posted: June 4, 2011 in The Fall

( this is a draft and will remain unfinished although publicly available, until I am called )

If my reading of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s version of Black Swan Theory concerning the natural fall of created businesses is correct then each person who is actively protecting his or her business by not allowing for natural growth is endangering more than their own backyard.

Bluntly stated there seems to be a normal, random failing, a culling even, of business, and in other arenas of life, that has no reason whatsoever to do with the success or otherwise of the individuals concerned.

A Darwinian type of Natural Law that no amount of government or private regulation can prevent long term, even if this failure seems grossly unfair.

The protection against this type of life force, in one respect by homogenizing differences, and in another by individual inaction due to fear, leads not to continued success but to a case where when this next random failure comes it applies to a wider range of subjects because it cannot see the difference between one, some and all!

This I believe will happen to the whole of the economic system in the near future. The bailout of Wall St. in the last couple of years was a gross mistake and instead of allowing one of the ‘too big to fail’ to actually fail, we have bunched everything into one easy prey and this Raven of Randomness is on its way.

No one escapes the consequences here, I wish you well.


in response to, and inspired by this article in Mother Jones:


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