A Passion Greater

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Emerson Challenge

A passion greater came easily, sea calmed, harbor willed into view.

The question; a journey chasing this shadow, how shall it go?

Shall it contain some semblance of continuity towards greatness, or an every increasing nest of clues until this majesty takes form. Thrilling us with insight, barely heard, sometimes stolen.

Shall we, with regards to the sages and legends of yore, take a look through the pages of history for clues, engaging with increasing awe and confidence on a journey that all take, ending battered, honest, and deservedly rewarded.

Shall we, as we learn to navigate these treacherous waters of knowledge, skinny wisdom, shall we embark on that most preposterous and futile of journeys, that of  sharing, teaching what we consider seamlessly integrated, even as this integrative fake escapes us.

And realising once again that wherever we stay this ship there, there, just over there, an ocean bounteous awaits once more the departure of those who shall.

Energised by new found passion we sail on, ahead! Always ahead … see, there!

We drown here eventually, we all do. Either in the seas of our own dead habits or in the circular wake of a siren’s lullaby, accommodating to the last.

Then as a fading gull departs, its cry faint and taunting, we see this grail, this passion, this skinny wisdom, we see it on the horizon, behind us, ablaze, unmistakable, shining out and illuminating a sign, the one that we are aching for, the one afire just behind, and now all around, the one that says simply, stop.


Emerson Challenge Day # 4



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