every breath

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Emerson Challenge

Football hooliganism, early eighties, lower division England,

can be summed up for mine with one word: stand!

Eventually echoing around the small group of fifty or so

new tribal warriors, this call held all.

Its need; to be clarioned from a strong position

of weakness, a position knowing that if others heeded not, it would fail.

It was called from a position of vulnerability,

It was called from a position of certainty; certain that once issued, success would ensue.

That success was never in the the fight, but in the bond of the friends who stood

with you in that fight.

And now that bond, built through living in then leaving a hard Northern town,

rests, solidly, here in my bones, without a tribe, without the need even for tribe,

or the need for guides, nor gods. That bond is me.

I trust myself. I trust myself, not right or wrong, but right … always right. This trust …

based on experiential observations of myself and others, feedback from myself, less so

than from others, and a default redesignation of whatever happened, if I knew better then I would

have done better then; leading naturally, intelligently, to always right, all the time!

And that is simply that!

I am right …

What actions have I taken to live this way recently?

Every breath of every last one of them!


Emerson Challenge Day # 3



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