15 Minutes To Live

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Emerson Challenge

Prompted by a 30 day blog challenge courtesy of Seth Godin …with a 15 min timer ¹

 Lets go!

15 Minutes To Live

Blondie had a track ’11:59′ on their 1978 Parallel Lines hit album. ²

That song has always stayed with me; there was something of a yearning tendency about it,

a calling, a soft cry of  ‘Hey. I wanna stay alive!’

So let’s play. You have 15 mins to live. We will put the nervous system to rest and say

the drugs are working perfectly and you are as calm as you have ever been physically

in your life.

The 7 stages of anger, denial, dealmaking have also been dealt with so that psychologically

all is cool in this respect as well. What happens now!

Well surprisingly, YOU KNOW exactly what is going to happen, because it is the same as what

always happens in your life; you get presented with a continuous stream of new experiences

… granted most of these are seeming repeats, facsimiles of old experiences but they are

new right here, with a new take on them always possible. And as each moment moves there

is another new experience, some new sight, sound, touch, contraction,

… and within all of this there is a continuation of something, a similarity in all of these events.

What this consistency is, if you pay close attention, is that YOU are always there, always

sharing centre-stage with whatever is happening … And THIS has never changed, ever. Even

when you go to sleep, the moment you wake up, there you are … the day is brighter, the body

is rested yet you are still there … When you were twelve years old and a foot shorter, still there,

nineteen and ‘in love’ still there, thirty and depressed and drunk, still there, every morning, every

night, every moment, you are there watching all these moments pass by as if you are watching

a movie.

Right now with 4 minutes to live, still there, waiting patiently, counting down maybe, or watching

memories, or crying in company with others, who are watching you from their own ‘still there’ position.

So ask yourself, really ask yourself, rationally, normally, ask yourself this question:

In one minute when I am dead why the fuck do I believe that I will be anywhere other than STILL HERE!

And relax.


Emerson Challenge Day # 1

Written in 15.5 mins … format, links and pics added later …

¹ ___  http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=02a2404281676b9b4938c92d4&id=5f0556fecb&e=3c03c40120

² ___  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sd3OYltkYI&feature=related

  1. Nico says:

    This is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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